Week 11

Week 10 Results

We have a new leader! Molly puts her foot on Matt’s head and climbs to the top of the mountain! Does she have what it takes to stay there? It’s getting crowded near the top. We’re nearing the post-Thanksgiving push, so make your best picks now!

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  • Due to numerous byes, you will have fewer skips. Skip the ONE game in which you have the least confidence. So, if there are 13 games (due to byes), you will only be picking 12. 

NOTE: All picks are final. Once you make your picks they cannot be changed. 


Green Bay +2.5 At Seattle -2.5
Carolina -3.5 At Detroit +3.5
Dallas +3.5 At Atlanta -3.5
Cincinnati +3.5 At Baltimore -3.5
Pittsburgh -5.5 At Jacksonville +5.5
Tennessee +2.5 At Indianapolis -2.5
Houston -2.5 At Washington +2.5
Tampa Bay +.5 At NY Giants -.5
Denver +7.5 At LA Chargers -7.5
Oakland +4.5 At Arizona -4.5
Philadelphia +7.5 At New Orleans -7.5
Minnesota +2.5 At Chicago -2.5
Monday Night Football
Kansas City +2.5 At LA Rams -2.5

Byes: Buffalo, Cleveland, Miami, New England, NY Jets, San Francisco
Only skip ONE game this week
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