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Congratulations to Ryan Lawrence, winner of the 2018-2019 Picks League, our second ever BACK-TO-BACK Champion, and winner of the coveted blue horse ass trophy. There can be only one! Also, congrats to Matt for locking up second place!

Winnings breakdown:

14 players x $40 = 560
1st place gets 80% ($448)
2nd place gets 20% ($112)

Thank you to all who played! I hope to see all of you back next year!

If you know anyone who might want to play in the League next year, feel free to invite them!


Since many of you struggled to pick well this season, I’ve gone ahead and linked to Ryan’s “Foolproof guide to picking football against the spread.” It’s normally $24.95, but I’m giving it to members of this league for free. It’s kind of complicated, but it will definitely help you out! READ THE GUIDE HERE and start the winning!

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