Hall of Champions


Although the Picks League is in its 29th year, we’ve only been picking against the spread since 2009. Once we made the change, all previous championships were rendered null. Since that time, only one player has won multiple championships. As you can see, the trophies get sweeter as you accumulate championships. The rundown:

* indicates players who are no longer active, we assume because they died in a tragic accident or just aren’t metal enough to compete with the rest of us

3 Responses to Hall of Champions

  1. Matt Root says:

    Damn, that blue trophy is so much prettier when you get to hold it. Has anyone else………oh wait. Yeah that’s right.

    • Ryan L says:

      Yeah that was a quite a time. A long long time ago when your beard was black and you were a drummer in a band. Ah memories

      • Ryan L says:

        Was that when W was president or was it jimmy carter? I can’t remember but hey it was along time ago. Like i’m pretty sure you still had to rent your movies from blockbuster. On beta

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